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The Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest non-university research institute. Comprising five departments, the AIT is a highly specialised research and development partner to industry. AIT is focused on the key infrastructure issues of the future: Health & Environment, Safety & Security, Energy, Mobility and Innovation Systems.

An interdisciplinary team of experts from the Austrian Institute of Technology is working in collaboration with experts in antenna design and electromagnetic compatibility  from Seibersdorf Laboratories (a subsidiary of AIT), on the development of so called “NFC sensors and intelligent NFC tags” for next generation NFC applications in healthcare and other fields. In the last five years AIT and Seibersdorf Laboratories (SL) have invented a variety of NFC sensing applications for the health care, cosmetics and beverage marketing industry. AIT and SL will demonstrate some of these innovations at the upcoming NFC world congress.

Products & Services:

We offer expertise for solving complex tasks and develop customized solutions together with our clients in the fields of:

• NFC sensing solutions
• Smart transponders for NFC applications
• NFC through metal solutions
• Electromagnetic compatibility testing
• Exposure assessment in electromagnetic fields
• User requirement engineering in health care
• Telemedicine and eHealth applications based on NFC
• Ambient Assisted Living applications based on NFC

We clearly understand the needs in the health care domain, regulatory issues and we offer tailored solutions dedicated to industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies as well as health care organizations. Our experts are renowned worldwide and represent Austria in various international committees.


AIT and SL will show:

Using our long term expertise in measuring biosignals, designing electrodes and antennas for sensing and energy harvesting we will show a few of our prototypes for skin moisture measurement (NFC SkinPatch) and temperature measurement (NFC TempPatch) via NFC. We will also show the next generation blood glucose meter as a fully passive device in the size of a credit card (NFC blood glucose meter) and a NFC enabled device for pill compliance (PICO) as a modular system for various application scenarios in health care.

In addition, smart NFC-transponders for the consumer market as well as marketing applications will be presented. Intelligent packaging solutions as the NFC-Smart Beverage Can, enabling new marketing possibilities, will be presented side by side with a fully passive NFC-UV-Sensor (stand alone in credit card size or integrated into a sun screen bottle). Finally, we made the impossible possible by developing the technology for the first fully metallic NFC-business card.

For more information visit www.ait.ac.at


Banks and mobile network operators use Bell ID software to manage the lifecycle of payment (EMV) credentials on mobile NFC devices. This can be on a physical secure element (providing SP TSM/Root TSM solutions) or in the cloud on a remote secure element (using host card emulation). Bell ID has been active since 1993 and has come from a background of providing smart (chip) card management solutions for governments, enterprises and financial issuers worldwide.

For more information visit www.bellid.com

Cetecom #19

CETECOM, as a leading test lab and Global Platform Qualified partner offers a wide range of debug and type approval test services for mobile proximity solutions based on NFC, BLE, QR, HCE or other RFID technologies. With security and robustness testing for wireless applications and protocols, smart and connected devices (M2M), CETECOM is recognized as a full service provider. CETECOM, with test labs all over the world will add new payment schemes to their testing lineup in 2014, always on the latest state of technology.

Core competences at a glance:

• Global Platform Qualified Lab
• SmartCard Terminal Approval according to EMVCo, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, German DK requirements
• Mobile Payment and Payment Card Approval according to MasterCard and Visa
• Formal Approval Service Provider for MasterCard: TIP and CPV
• Mobile application security testing (e.g. Vulnerability)
• NFC Forum Authorized Third Party Test Lab
• ePassports and readers acc. ICAO and BSI
• Software robustness testing

For more information visit www.cetecom.com

Chlorophyll Vision #31

Chlorophyll Vision is an innovative company in the field of mobile applications and NFC technology.
Chlorophyll Vision is the editor of eCommunity , a generic system enabling touristic circuits, culturally-centered itineraries, outdoor games and paths to be built by everybody, from individual author to large public authorities or companies. As an author, you can create and modify the data without any technical skill or smartphone application (re)publication on the stores

For more information visit www.chlorophyll-vision.com


Clear2Pay is an expert provider of test technology and services for all digital transactions. Our modular platform is designed for the flexible configuration and fast execution of tests, from end-to-end. We make sure your innovations meet the highest quality standards.

Attend our expert speaking slot, Tuesday 23rd, 9.30 “Hosted Card Emulation and Tokenisation: are we ready for a new NFC landscape?”

Visit our booth and discover how we can help you:
• NFC Forum Conformance Test Tools
• Contactless Card & Device Test Tools
• HCE Test Tools
• Advisory Services
• Certification Services
• Test Services

For more information visit http://www.clear2pay.com/testing

Com4Innov #18

The Telecom Platform Association shares, operates and provides unique ressources and skills through the infrastructure and the services of Com4Innov.
Com4Innov is aimed at industrials – VSEs/SMEs or large groups – and searchers who want to develop, test or validate their technologies, applications, solutions or services new generation (4G/LTE/IMS) and M2M/communicating objects. Com4Innov services also address the needs for training on new technologies.
Com4Innov provides  in full-scale a 4G/LTE access network, an IMS/RCS applicative infrastructure, all the M2M solution components (federated management cloud, gateways, sensors), a remote SIM Cards environment, the latest LTE terminals, measurement and simulation tools. The platform Com4Innov offers also its experts skills and its experimentation and demonstration centres.
Integrated in the pan-European infrastructure of the XIFI project (Future Internet), Com4Innov is extending its capacities in Cloud Hosting, Data Management and Internet of Things.


Com4Innov will show demo how New Enhanced IOT/M2M Solutions can be Experimented, Validated and Tested on a real scale test bed environment such as Com4Innov.
As of now, Com4Innov combines its latest 4G/LTE/IMS/RCS/M2M industry solutions with the latest open source based solutions from the XIFI European project.

We will feature:
• How LTE facilitates large and demanding IoT / M2M projects requirements.
• An example of how Public Transport Safety Applications will integrate 4G/LTE network Broadband capacity.
• How Com4Innov, now part of the XIFI pan European federation, can help advanced usages and boost innovation by integrating the FI-WARE open source based Generic Enablers in key solutions areas such as Cloud Hosting and Data Management, Interface to Network and Device, IoT Gateway and Backend.

Com4Innov is a unique LTE/IMS/RCS/M2M real scale test bed environment – www.com4innov.com
XIFI (eXperimentation Infrastructure for the Future of Internet) is a pan European infrastructure providing access to the latest advanced solutions from the Fi-PPP / FI-WARE European programs.

For more information visit www.com4innov.com

Comprion #33
COMPRION is the worldwide leading manufacturer of test solutions for smart card interfaces, terminals and smart cards. Covering contact-based and contactless technologies COMPRION provides their expertise to multiple industries, especially telecommunications and payments. Our involvement in a number of standardization and certification organizations enables us to integrate the latest standards and requirements into our high quality products. As COMPRION test systems are renowned for the most accurate measurement capabilities, the company serves all top handset, card and chipset manufacturers as well as mobile network operators and test houses. COMPRION also acts as technological consultant supporting many key players in the market.

Products & Services:
UT³ Platform – The Universal Conformance Platform for Terminal Testing

Prior to launch, handsets must prove that their interfaces meet the requirements defined in several core specifications. If they are enabled for NFC this must be done towards the contactless environment as well as for contact-based communication towards the secure element. COMPRION’s engineers developed a one-of-a-kind conformance test platform for all these tasks using a single box.


COMPRION will show:
- A selection of our brand new OMAPI tests according to SIMalliance specifications that have been referred to within the GSMA NFC Handset Test Book
- A selection of SWP/HCI conformance tests from the ETSI test suite (new stage 3 and 4)
- A selection of UT³ Platform NFC Forum tests that are part of the RF Analog and Digital test suite
- A video that demonstrates the NFC Robot test solution for RF Analog testing

Move 2/CLT Move – SWP/NFC Spy Tools

To monitor the NFC based communication of a handset, tracing has to be done on the RF side and on the contact based interface simultaneously. For this reason COMPRION offers a combination of two monitoring devices, each of them designed for tracing on the respective interface: CLT Move and Move 2.


Using the combined Move2/CLT Move solution COMPRION will demonstrate during a Paypass payment with a mobile phone how easy it is to monitor, interpret and measure on-the-fly all the timings and data flows involved simultaneously during any of such contactless transactions.

MiniMove – ISO, SWP/HCI, IC-USB Pocket Tracer

MiniMove traces the communication between a handset and a Smart Card to ensure interoperability between the two entities. Because the device is very small and robust and works socket-independently, the freedom and flexibility to test anytime, anywhere has never been greater.


COMPRION will demonstrate how a pocket spy tool like the MiniMove can be used to sniff all the communications involved between the Handset and the SIM, including data used during a contactless transaction.

For more information visit www.comprion.com

Eurotech #11
Eurotech solutions combine hardware, firmware, operating systems, M2M middleware and device cloud services that drive business success. A global leader in connecting distributed devices that make up the Internet of Things, Eurotech collaborates with customers, partners, and integrators to bring rugged, reliable and cost effective data management solutions to market.

Products & Services:

The Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) is an end-to-end solution that includes purpose-built hardware, connectivity and embedded device management through the Eurotech Software Framework, the Everyware Device Cloud Client and Machine to Machine (M2M) cloud-based services to deliver actionable data from the field to downstream applications and business processes, dashboards, and reports.


DynaPCN 10-20
Automatic People Counter
The DynaPCN 10-20 is a compact and autonomous device based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology specifically designed for accurately counting passengers entering or leaving public transport vehicles or buildings.

ReliaGATE 50-21
Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller
The ReliaGATE 50-21 is a ready-to-deploy industrial grade smart device that enables communications, computation power, simplified application deployment and M2M platform integration for immediate service generation.


Facilities Management Solution

Eurotech demo will show up a system that monitor in real time the number of people entering the washrooms. People counting devices will be installed above simulated entrance and exits. These devices provide completely anonymized counts of the number of people entering and exiting the space in real time.
The counters will be connected to a Eurotech Multi Service Gateway which provides an aggregation point for the data from multiple counters, together with a cellular interface to allow the reporting of aggregated data back to the enterprise.
Data is summarized by the gateway into a set of totalized periodic values for each monitored washroom. In addition, once a configurable number of customers have visited, the system automatically triggers a request for a maintenance visit, and starts to collate KPI information about the time taken before the request is serviced and the number of additional customers who have used the facility during that time.

For more information visit www.eurotech.com

Feitian Technologies #8

Feitian Technologies is a public company incorporated in China. Headquartered in Beijing, it has been the No.1 supplier of user authentication and transaction security for China Online Banking. Globally, Feitian has over 650 employees and more than half of which are focusing on Research and Development. Feitian’s international business served customers in over 100 countries. Feitian customers include financial institution, telecom, government and leading business enterprises. Its full product portfolios and solutions provide daily convenience and security to over hundreds of millions of e-banking and e-government customers over the globe. Based on core technologies of Chip Operating System with proprietary intellectual property rights, Feitian product lines feature contact and contactless smart cards, EMV chip cards, payment terminals, and user authentication solutions for secure online banking and transaction security. Our end-to-end turnkey solutions include secure hardware, operating systems, middleware, software application, and services such as personalization and remote lifecycle management.

For more information visit www.ftsafe.com


InfineonInfineon Technologies – Security for the connected World

Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security.
For over 25 years, Infineon has developed innovative, hardware-based security solutions and has been leading the market for more than 15 years. Infineon uses this expertise to increase security in an increasingly connected world, e.g. mobile payments, system security and secure electronic sovereign documents.

Infineon enables trends like personal mobility. Therefore Infineon provides hardware-based security crucial for mobile security solutions. Supporting various NFC applications and business models (from embedded to UICC) Infineon offers diverse Secure Elements and Boosted NFC solutions.
Infineon`s security controllers set the new standard for long lasting secure eGovernment applications addressing key requirements like digital hardware security, flexibility, strong robustness and high performance for contactless.

Find out more about Infineon’s security solutions and the various fields of application: www.infineon.com/chip-card-and-security

Products & Services:
Infineon Technologies offers a broad product portfolio to provide security for the connected world:

NFC/Mobile Security:
Infineon’s products support every implementation path to bring hardware based security directly into mobile devices. All NFC products are certified with the security level CC EAL5+ high and EMVCo – Embedded, SWP as well as Dual Interface / Boosted NFC Secure Elements.
Find out more on: www.infineon.com/nfc

Secure eGoverment:
Infineon’s new SLE78 security controller and SESAMES 2013 winner offers the industry’s highest memory density and data transfer rate for use in electronic Passports, High-End Government Identification and Multi-Application markets.
Find out more on: www.infineon.com/govid

SLI 97 – the perfect product for connected cars as linking element between Automotive and the Telecommunication world, with a strong focus on automotive quality levels, as well as protecting MNO’s against theft and cloning.Visit us & find out more at our booth #3!

Demos at our booth:

• Secure NFC application demo: We will demonstrate the easily use of “Boosted NFC SIM”. The advantage of the Boosted NFC SE approach is that it could be also used in mobile phones which carry no NFC functionality from the beginning of.
• Secure NFC application demo: We will demonstrate the card emulation use of CIPURSE™ for future transport schemes. The CIPURSE™ demo runs on Infineon’s embedded Secure Element implemented into an NFC mobile device.
• Secure application demo: We will demonstrate simpler and stronger online authentication with FIDO. The FIDO demo runs on a micro SD card implemented into a mobile device.

For more information visit www.infineon.com/chip-card-and-security

Kestronics #48

Kestronics Ltd is a specialist provider for hardware solutions.  More than just a hardware distributor, we actively work closely with our customers to find the best, most competitive solution for their business requirements.
We distribute a comprehensive range from kiosk printers and components, robust Rugged Mobile tablets and phones, card readers, innovative card readers, industrial keyboards, bar-coding scanning modules and hand held terminals. 
With a dedicated sales support team based in the UK, we maintain the sale and distribution of our product range, with software development/support and hardware maintenance. We have an onsite, committed maintenance department where we repair and maintain not only the equipment we have supplied but also third party products. This is continuously enhancing our reputation as a valued supplier in the industry.

For more information visit www.kestronics.co.uk

LocalSocial #13

LocalSocial (www.mylocalsocial.com) is a leading provider of Proximity Solutions, and has shipped its software on over 300M phones to date. In 2010, the company launched the LocalSocial Proximity Platform, which makes it easy to create proximity enabled apps and services, and supports “everything as a beacon”, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Bluetooth Smart / iBeacon, NFC and QR codes. LocalSocial has rolld out a full stack solution for third parties to deliver their own proximity-enabled apps and services, and is a licensed Apple iBeacon partner.
From a product perspective, LocalSocial an in-store engagement platform that uses iBeacons to power various mobile interactions when in a store or venue. These include triggering greetings on arrival, providing product information for the products nearest to you, triggering contextual offers (“Pasta offers in the pasta aisle”), delivering loyalty points “just for walking in” and more.

Products & Services:

LocalSocial (www.mylocalsocial.com) will be showcasing the platform across the conference. We will be "beaconis-ing" the whole event, and providing a special updated version of the LocalSocial App to enable attendees to interact with the conference and the Exhibitors as they move through the conference. At our stand, we will be showing how we did this, explaining how the white label platform works, sharing analytics from the show in real time, demo’ing our secure production beacons, and supporting a fun "treasure hunt".

For more information visit www.mylocalsocial.com




Adopted by the city council on the 12th of December 2011, the Marseille Attractive plan defines the strategy for the economic attractiveness of the City of Marseille looking ahead to 2020: The institutional and private partners of the Marseille Metropolis are encouraged to rise and meet a new challenge built on the identity and assets of the territory. Marseille enjoys a unique geostrategic position within Europe.

As the first port of France and the Mediterranean and the third largest port in the world for the oil trade, the “Phocean City” is the established bridgehead of Europe within the Mediterranean.

As the second diplomatic seat in France, Marseille has successfully played the hand of international relations, making its mark as a recognised para-diplomatic centre. A status that has resulted in the presence of numerous international organisations (Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration, UNIDO, World Water Council, World Bank antenna…).

Marseille’s specific assets are: those of a city recognised as a business centre and an exchange platform for Southern Europe.
those of a city of knowledge and creativity, based on its potential in higher education, scientific research and technological innovation sectors.
those, lastly, of a the destination city for tourists, culture and events.

For more information visit www.marseille.fr


Marseille Provence, a capital of creative force

With the growth of the globalised economy, regional competition is now fought out among major metropolitan areas. Marseille Provence has set itself the goal of becoming one of Europe’s TOP 20 metropolitan areas. Strategic priorities concerning economic development have been redefined to achieve this ambition. This reaches beyond the purely administrative boundaries of the Urban Community, for the influence of a whole region depends on the success and economic vitality of the Marseille Provence Métropole area.

Marseille Provence is the second metropolitan area in France. With the great seaport of Marseille Fos – the Mediterranean’s number one port – and a dense network of infrastructure and logistic platforms, Marseille has become one of the Euro-Mediterranean region’s leading decision-making centres and an international hub for services and trade in goods. In recent years, this position has been consolidated through the creation of high added-value services and a world-class offer in the tertiary sector within the area covered by the Euroméditerranée urban development project – an operation of national interest. This has put the knowledge economy at the heart of development initiatives.

With an eye on innovation, the Marseille Provence area is building its development on a diversified economy and industry that works hand-in-hand with centres of excellence in higher education and research and eleven high-tech clusters. The three universities of Aix-Marseille have merged to create what will be one of Europe’s foremost universities. This move is part of the ‘Campus Plan’ backed by the Urban Community. The technology parks in the Marseille Provence Métropole area are perfect for bringing together industry, research and higher education and play an important role in promoting innovative projects.

A major tourist destination and cultural centre, Marseille Provence is keen to build a sustainable economy around these sectors, without turning its back on its history, and to promote its natural surroundings and lifestyle, now recognised the world over. The city is also one of southern Europe’s leading centres for business tourism and international events, and has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2013.

This strategy is an integral part of the Urban Community’s overall plan to improve its residents’ quality of life in terms of sustainable development, transport, housing, retail and, of course, employment.

For more information visit www.marseille-provence.com


MeaWallet – “one world one mobile wallet” – deliver the most secure and cost effective mobile wallet solutions (as-a-service), focusing on the entire ecosystem; financial institutions, IT/security solution providers, payment schemes, acquirers and more. With partners like IBM, Tieto, Elavon and MasterCard we ensure high quality and short time to market. Based on a belief that all service providers should be able to offer mobile wallet services to their customers without investing heavily in technology, solutions and operations. MeaWallet serve the international market via its business partner network.

Products & Services:

MeaWallet technology platform offer a comprehensive mobile wallet solution including the following items
• Backend and Security related systems; including TSM, HSM, Secure Elements handling Cloud Secure Element, user management, reporting tools, etc.
• Wallet and payment related services, covering 6 main verticals. Secure provisioning, transfer, storing and using of any card in the mobile wallet.
• Enterprise Service Bus, system part for easy and secure integration, connection and communication with service providers and service aggregators.


The solution includes the basis for setting up full mobile payment and value added services including:
• Payment services
• Loyalty and coupons
• Ticketing
• ID
• Access
• Receipts


Meawallet will show case mobile payments, loyalty and gift cards.

For more information visit www.meawallet.com


Active for more than 30 years in the field of electronic components programming, Micropross has gathered experience that made possible the design of the successful product range oriented to the smartcard test and personalization. Worldwide used, these products are designed to develop and produce faster and better.
Since 2008, Micropross (as a contributor to ISO NFC and NFC Forum standard) have proposed all the set and accessories to characterize and pre certify NFC device thanks to a strong technical knowledge in contactless technology. Thanks to the Micropross range of SWP card emulator, A complete ETSI test suite is also available to control all the NFC transaction from contact to contactless.
To ensure all test possibilities, Micropross as a tool vendor, deploys in EMVco labs a PICC and PCD testing solution with an Robot to automatize EMVco certification process.

Products & Services:

From production to laboratory, Micropross, thanks to a worldwide network distribution and engineer expert team, brings a high value added offer to its customers:
– Personalization & pre-personalization couplers and testers for production.
– Characterization versatile tools for chip, terminal and NFC designers.
– Precertification solutions and certified test suits (ISO,EMVCo, NFC Forum, GCF PTCRB, …) from the designers up to market operators (banking, telecom, transport, healthcare,…).
– Protocol Analysers


Micropross will demonstrate testers to perform characterization, certified test suite for NFC Forum analog, digital certified solution with SNEP/LLCP, EMVco and SWP GCF/PTRCB.
Also providing: none intrusive sniffers live demonstration to spy a full NFC transaction with decoders and timing analysis between any NFC form factors device.
Live demo of the MP500 TCL3, new signal generator including Dual testing for NFC/WPC dedicated to automotive market.

For more information visit www.micropross.com


Microsec, founded in 1984,is the largest Hungarian certificate authority, as well as PKI supplier of electronic signature based management and messaging systems. Its main activities are: development and operation of corporate registry systems, and full scale services based on electronic signature technology, including issuing and managing certificates, providing electronic signature software, e-Passport solutions, registered electronic mail, qualified digital archiving, or time stamp services. Our latest development, PassByMe, a mobile PKI based authentication solution that we will show in the exhibition, has already been awarded more innovation prices.
The key success factor of our business lays in the results of our clients – our solutions bring them profit and increase digital security.

Products & Services:

The e-Signo signature creation application creates e-dossiers that can encapsulate multiple signatures over multiple documents and can also store corresponding metadata; thus they are
particularly useful for supporting workflows based on electronic signatures. e-Dossiers have an XML structure and can contain signatures of XAdES (-EPES, -T, -A, etc.) format, and also support countersignatures and proof of receipts. e-Signo also has a module for scanners, so scanned documents can be inserted into an e-dossier with a single click. e-Signo is also capable of creating
PDF signatures. e-Signo can either be used as a standalone application with a graphical user interface, or it can be integrated into a document management system as a library or as a command-line application. e-Signo is widely used by barristers, notaries and by various government and private organizations, mainly in Hungary.

e-Signo SDK (Software Development Kit)
The e-Signo SDK signature creation and validation tool provides fast and seamless integration to any workflow. A native application is available on Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS and AIX 6.1 platforms.


PassByMe is a real two-factor, easy-to-use smart phone based authentication technology making authentication, online banking or payment transactions much safer. Whether one needs to access sensitive data, VPNs, uses online banking, or shops at an online store, PassByMe will prevent the unauthorized access, or the fraudulent use of the credit card information. The solution exploits the smart devices’ PKI ability as a second factor security device. PassByMe eliminates costly SMS text messages or the usage of one-time-password generating devices like tokens. PKI technology is recognized today to be the highest possible security standard.
PassByMe completes the current security measures already established in the online banking and payment environments by substantially strengthening customer authentication, the weakest link in the security chain. As a result, PassByMe will boost customer confidence in no-cash payments and will significantly reduce financial losses resulting from online fraud. PassByMe implements smoothly into current banking procedures and infrastructure including PCI DSS compliant systems and the 3D Secure payment method.

For more information visit www.microsec.hu

Nexperts #39

NEXPERTS is a leading provider of mobile contactless solutions in the areas of payment, couponing and loyalty as well as ticketing, security and access control. The company has profound experience and expertise in bringing NFC applications to mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The product portfolio comprises certified white-label Mobile Wallets for payment systems as well as solutions for value added services like Loyalty and Couponing.

Contactless payment based on NFC is supporting MasterCard PayPass and VISA PayWave profiles. For this purpose SIM and uSD cards are supported as Secure Elements and Cloud Based Payment (CBP) techniques using Host Card Emulation (HCE) are utilized.

Solutions from NEXPERTS are used by banks, retailers and mobile operators.

Products & Services:

Wallegro: The Smarter Wallet for Shopping (www.wallegro.com). Download and use for free from the Google Play Store. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Wallegro

NEXTWallet: White label Mobile Wallet supporting contactless payment based on SIM and uSD cards. Loyalty and Couponing support with dynamic service provider integration. Now additionally supporting Cloud based Payments: MasterCard and VISA payments based on HCE technology.

Loyalty Master: Solution with backend, POS-integration, mobile clients to collect bonus points within campaigns.

NFC solutions for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile & Blackberry


NEXPERTS is showing contactless payment wallets based on Secure Elements and Cloud-based technologies utilizing HCE

Consumer Loyalty Wallet (www.Wallegro.com)

Visitor and Event Management solutions using NFC-enabled badges

For more information visit www.nexperts.com


OT is a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space. OT has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart cards to the latest contactless payment technologies which equip millions of smartphones. Present in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, OT offers end-to-end solutions in the Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control fields. OT employs over 6 000 employees worldwide, including 600 R&D people. With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 10 facilities, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries.

For more information visit www.oberthur.com


Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 41 billion euros in 2013 and has 165,000 employees worldwide at 31 December 2013, including 102,000 employees in France. Present in 30 countries, the Group has a total customer base of more than 236 million customers at 31 December 2013, including 178 million mobile customers and 15 million broadband internet customers worldwide. Under the Orange Business Services brand, Orange is also one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.

Orange and NFC : a major commitment by the Group.
NFC is one of the strategic areas for innovation at Orange. Recognized as one the leading players in Europe in this field, Orange wants to provide wider access to NFC services in order to simplify its customers’ everyday lives.

Products & Services:

Orange presents NFC solutions and use cases in the field of payment, loyalty, transport and access control : Orange Cash, applications from banks, …

In addition, discover how to build NFC applications either with NFC Service Center or with NFC APIs depending on your needs.

NFC Service Center consists of 2 inter-operable platforms compatible with all mobile operators and NFC terminals. One is dedicated to banking and payment services and the other is multiservice out of banking.

Orange NFC APIs is another way to develop NFC services easily and quickly with a turnkey solution. The toolbox will let any developers create a one tap customer experience for loyalty, ticketing, couponing, customer or order identification etc…

For more information visit www.orange-business.com


Many technologies, such as electronic components, secure telecommunications, on-board systems and digital content make France and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region key areas for the development of ICT.

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, four main sectors stand out: microelectronics (9,000 jobs / 530 establishments), telecommunications (11,000 FTE staff / almost 1,300 firms), software & services (21,000 FTE staff / almost 8,400 firms) and media (13,000 FTE staff / almost 12,000 firms). These alone represent almost 55,000 jobs and more than 14 billion € in turnover, in the core business.

Taken all together, ICT accounts for close to 77,000 jobs in 30,000 establishments, with, outside the core business, related activities (with 11,000 jobs and almost 7,000 establishments) and R&D (with almost 11,000 jobs and 400 establishments).

On the seven key technologies of ICT, the region has a global profile. In eight others, it is among the French leaders. It also boasts transverse skills (robotics and intelligent manufacturing).

Many markets have had their growth boosted by the new technologies. Through the diversity of its economy, the region is rightly home to a high number of sectors / markets where ICT plays a key role. This proximity between producers and consumers of ICT offers synergies on which the region must capitalise.

Finally, we find a whole network for the development of ICT. This is a network of data (fixed and mobile), of people (clustering, particularly around SCS and PRIMI), of facilitators, of researchers (1,500 scientists in the public sector, 11,000 private), of laboratories (25 specialists, 37 related), of facilities (25) and of courses (500 courses, 10,000 students).

So the region can pride itself on its ambition to develop businesses around digital technology, transmedia, broadband networks, smart devices, security, and cloud technology. Further opportunities may be in the offing, around the software industry, which runs across all the others. Very naturally aimed at uses, it can also envisage market opportunities in its main economic sectors.

For more information visit www.regionpaca.fr


Safelayer Secure Communications is a leading provider of security software for public key infrastructure (PKI), multifactor authentication, electronic signature, data encryption and for the protection of electronic transactions. Safelayer’s eID technology is used in electronic identity projects involving persons (corporate users or citizens), connected objects (software systems or hardware devices) and the generalization of trust services in Internet and mobile communications.
Safelayer relies on its partners with advanced competencies in cybersecurity to deliver high-end security solutions for vertical markets such as banking, telco, energy, e-commerce and government. Safelayer currently has a distribution network of more than 20 VARs present in EMEA and LATAM. Our customers and the world’s leading analysts agree that Safelayer’s products have the highest quality and offer the most complete solutions for PKI – Common Criteria EAL4+ (ALC_FLR.2) guarantee level – and for Mobile ID.

Products & Services:

KeyOne PKI Platform
KeyOne software suite implements advanced public key infrastructures (PKI) for National eIDs, Trust Service Providers (TSP) and critical corporate PKIs. In addition to eID, the platform also provides the PKI technology for the emerging realms of mobility and Internet of Things (IoT).

KeyOne eMRTD PlatformKeyOne eMRTD Platform
Complete suite for eMRTDs including SPOC to ensure cross-border interoperability on the identification of people at border controls. It offers a set of components to implement the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Union (EU) standards.

TrustedX Authentication Platform
Platform for Adaptive Authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Federation with trust elevation management for Social, Mobile and Cloud Identity. Provides the orchestration of a wide variety of mechanisms such as contextual authentication, social identities, kerberos, behavioral biometrics, SMS/Email Out-of-band OTP and PKC credentials based on digital certificates.

TrustedX eIDAS Platform
Solution for identification, authentication and electronic signature (eIDAS) for Web environments. Through the incorporation of PKI identity attributes for developing signature, along with the authentication functionality and server and mobile device signature services, the platform provides an integral solution for deploying user-centric identity trust services.

TrustedX Electronic Signature
The most complete Web services platform to deploy Signature Services according to EU eSignature Directive and upcoming EU eIDAS Regulation. Provides, all ETSI *AdES family of signature standards along with the long-term archiving and non-repudiation signature services, server-side signature, as well as electronic signature on Mobile devices.

Safelayer Mobile ID
Combining the above listed products, Safelayer delivers and App and a development framework to serve as a foundation to implement Identity Services in the Mobile world.

For more information visit www.safelayer.com

SAP #5

SAP is at the center of today’s technology revolution, developing innovations that not only help businesses run like never before, but also improve the lives of people everywhere.
As the market leader in enterprise application software, we help companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable more than 253,500 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

Products & Services:

SAP Internet of Things and Smart Vending Machine

SAP solutions for the Internet of Things allow customers to continuously generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices to optimize their business processes and automate operations. SAP Event Stream Processing Engine (ESP) delivers intelligent monitoring, SAP HANA provides real-time, predictive analytics for meaningful insights, and seamless connectivity with the transactional systems that form the backbone of businesses. By seamlessly integrating IoT use cases with their existing business processes – the systems of records – SAP customers will be able to drive immediate operational efficiencies by improving existing business processes and in the long run completely transform their business with new business models and new sources of revenue.

SAP Smart Vending brings together Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, and Analytics to create a compelling vision of the future of consumer engagement and an exciting demonstration of the inherent power of the Internet of Things’ connected future. With SAP Smart Vending, your brand is not only able to increase efficiency, maximize revenue, and deliver compelling opportunities for consumer engagement, but also able to power brand new business channels, such as display advertising. SAP’s Smart Vending represents the vision for the future of consumer engagement and retail powered by SAP HANA.

For more information visit www.sap.com

Sogeti High Tech #15

With an experience of over 25 years, Sogeti High Tech makes its skills and know-how available to Aeronautics- and Space-, Defense-, Energy-, Telecoms & media-, Railway- and Life Sciences industries.
To be more responsive to market needs, Sogeti High Tech has developed a range of expertise based on its R&D department, High Tech Labs, a real innovations incubator.
In close partnership with its customers, Sogeti High Tech develops and manufactures solutions with a high added value in the areas of Internet of Things, collaborative multi-agents systems, Big Data and cyber-security.
Subsidiary company of Capgemini Group, Sogeti High Tech is a center of excellence in System Engineering, Physical Engineering, Software Engineering, Testing and Consulting services.

Products & Services:

Partner of your mobility and Machine-to-Machine projects
To best support our clients to take advantage of the digital transformation to improve their manufacturing operations efficiency and go-to-market with new services.

Accelerate your business with Big Data and analytics
The main promise of predictive maintenance is to allow convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, and prevent unexpected equipment failures. The key is “ the right information in the right time.

Secure products & industrial systems
To best support you in protecting your products & systems against takeover attempts, sensitive and confidential data reading / modification or embedded know-how access

For more information visit www.sogeti-hightech.fr | www.hightechlabs.fr | Follow us on twitter: @SogetiHighTech1


For 20 years, Store Electronic Systems has been a pioneer of electronic shelf labeling for the retail sector. To date, its products and systems have been installed in more than 6700 stores in 52 countries.
SES has developed specific solutions for every type of retail environment, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, DIY stores, electronics stores, garden centers, pharmacies and service stations.

For 20 years, we have contributed to the growth of our traditional clients (Leclerc, Intermarché, Système U, Auchan, Monoprix, Carrefour, etc.) and of many overseas brands (Dansk, Fairprice, Muticedi, Spar, PAM, etc.).

N ° 1 worldwide in the industry, Store Electronic Systems is distinguished by its exceptional references for large-scale deployment. SES is for example the only player in the world with more than 1,000 stores within the same brand (Intermarché 23rd worldwide distributor). Similarly, SES equipped over 400 Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets in the world, more than 400 U system, more than 300 Leclerc, and many other brands with over 100 stores installed.

Products & Services:

E-commerce, the invention of the smartphone and the advent of the connected generation have significantly changed consumers’ buying habits. To serve them better and react to these changes, traditional stores have launched a digital revolution that combines the best of the digital and physical worlds.The objective: to improve consumers’ purchasing experience while maximizing operational performance. Customers want to shop where and when they want, so much so that the stores that we knew in the 20th century are now a thing of the past.

Store Electronic Systems partners traditional retailers in this digital revolution. Interactive electronic labels (NFC-tag) are at the heart of this revolution: placed in front of each product, they constitute a complete grid of «sensors» enabling new uses to be developed.

Providing consumers with detailed product information, geolocating their shopping lists, following their budgets, sending allergen alerts, proposing loyalty offers, and so on, all while offering a tried and tested economic model thanks to the automated price changes. In 2013, SES equipped 700 connected stores worldwide.


> NFC-TAG : the shelf label that communicates with consumers.

SES is the first player in the sector to combine NFC technology with electronic labels. This technology opens the way to numerous customer services: secured payment, consumer profile management, promotions, facilitated store management, etc.

The integration of an NFC chip in labels and the development of a dedicated smartphone application give consumers (equipped with a smartphone with an NFC compatible reader) access to information on products on the shelves (ingredients, price, recipes, gluten or sugar alerts, etc), helping them do their shopping or pay online via their smartphone.

> PPS (PRODUCT POSITIONING SYSTEM) : in-store geolocation new precision interactive sensor

In 2013, SES developed in-store geolocation solutions: «Product Positioning System» (PPS). This innovation uses NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, as well as electronic labels, which form a very dense relative geolocalised network (a label for each product in the store). During initialisation (association of a label and its product), the label’s position is registered depending on its location in the store relative to adjacent labels. Using this data, the exact placement of all products can be determined, and can provide customers and store employees with reliable information on the location of the product they are looking for. By «tapping» an ESL, a customer or an employee can get its precise location in the store, and be guided to the product.

For more information visit www.store-electronic-systems.com


ThingWorx, a PTC business, provides the first platform designed to efficiently build and run the applications of today’s connected world. ThingWorx’s model-based design and search-based intelligence simplifies application development efforts by minimizing cost and risk while accelerating time to value. The ThingWorx platform combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, search, and social collaboration, and applies it to the world of “things”, including connected products, machines, sensors, systems, and industrial equipment. Businesses use the ThingWorx platform to rapidly deliver innovative applications and connected solutions across markets ranging from manufacturing, energy and food, to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) remote monitoring and service, as well as in emerging Internet of Things applications, including smart cities, smart grid, agriculture, and transportation.

Products & Services:

ThingWorx is the first software platform designed to build and run the applications of the connected world. ThingWorx reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The ThingWorx platform provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment with the following innovative features:
– Modern and Complete Platform
- Deploy 10X Faster with Model-based Development
- Mashup People, Systems & Machines
- Deploy How You Like
- Evolve & Grow Your Application Over Time

Learn more about ThingWorx key features

For more information visit www.thingworx.com

Toda Kogyo Corp #35

The Toda Kogyo Group is proud to be one of the world leading producers of advanced solid state particles. Based on a century of experience in designing iron oxide crystals, Toda Kogyo has broadened the expertise into a wide range of functional inorganic compounds, formulations and devices made thereof.

Products & Services:

- Electric-wave absorber materials/electromagnetic interference and noise-suppressing sheets and materials
- Ferrite sheets for IC tags
- Metal-compatible IC tags

With numerous highly sophisticated IT devices, wireless devices, automotive electronic devices, and other electronics surrounding us, the electromagnetic environment is creating an ever-increasing number of issues. In order to transmit and receive high-quality communications and images, for even to operate properly, electronic devices are required to coexist in a variety of electromagnetic environments. In the RFID communications devices that have become more and more common in recent years, such as IC tags, our magnetic sheets are used to prevent internal interference in antenna devices of cell phones. We have also succeeded in developing IC tags that can be used on metal, composed of magnetic antennas based on a new fundamental principle, and are proactively pursuing component business in this area.

For more information visit www.todakogyo.co.jp/english/

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) #7

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) provides open standards that enable a safer computing environment across platforms and geographies.  Benefits of Trusted Computing include protection of business-critical data and systems, secure authentication and strong protection of user identities, and the establishment of strong machine identity and network integrity.  Organizations using built-in, widely available trusted hardware and applications reduce their total cost of ownership. TCG technologies also provide regulatory compliance that is based upon trustworthy hardware.
More information and the organization’s specifications and work groups are available at the Trusted Computing Group’s website, www.trustedcomputinggroup.org.  Follow TCG on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

For more information visit www.trustedcomputinggroup.org | Follow TCG on Twitter and on LinkedIn

Trustonic #32

Trustonic empowers our partners to enrich, simplify and expand people’s digital lives by integrating trust directly into mobile devices.  Trustonic develops a secure environment that runs at the heart of smart devices, which enables service providers to openly access ready-made advanced hardware security features.  ‹t™-base is our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that can isolate and process keys, PINs and biometrics away from threats.  ‹t-base is the standards-based platform to secure FIDO authentication, Tokenization and Host Card Emulation payments solutions on devices.

Trustonic technology has already shipped in over 250 million smart devices.


Trustonic will be showcasing products and demos from our portfolio of partners. These include enterprise, payments and content demonstrators.

In the enterprise space, trusted mobility from Sequitur Labs, VOIP encryption from KoolSpan, two factor authentication from Symantec VIP and GOOD technologies GOOD for enterprise. Payments: simpler payments using MasterPass from Proxama.

Content: Viacess-Orca’s TV anywhere DRM solution.

These applications leverage Trustonic’s t-base trusted OS to secure sensitive credentials, protect data and to seamlessly harden applications to attacks from malware. The user experience is enriched and not adversely affected by security (forgotten passwords and complex logins).

For more information visit www.trustonic.com

Wyconn #12

Wyconn delivers a radically simpler approach to large-scale M2M and Industrial Internet connectivity for OEMs, enterprises, and telecom providers.

•    Wyconn devices combine the functions of a router, access point, firewall, and gateway
•    Plug in the power and the devices connect to the network using embedded global SIMs
•    Provision 1,000s to 100,000s of devices remotely with settings for individual devices or groups of devices
•    Web-based Management Console provides visibility into all of your devices, regardless of reseller or integrator
•    Develop your own applications and deploy and manage them remotely

Wyconn hardware and software is based on the founding team’s experience providing networking services to some of Europe’s largest firms for the last ten years.  The company, based in Vienna, launched in 2013 and introduced its first products at Mobile World Congress in February 2014.  Wyconn products are available globally directly and through partners.

Products & Services:

Wyconn devices combine the functions of a router, access point, firewall, and gateway. 
Set up is as simple as plugging in the power cord.  No technical skills are required in the field.  Once plugged in, the device finds the network using the embedded global SIM.  The device appears on a web-based Management Console where 1,000s to 100,000s of devices can be provisioned remotely using settings for individual devices or groups of devices.  The Management Console also provides visibility into all your Wyconn devices across all your operations and channels of distribution.

The Wyconn product line
Wyconn 1000: IoT gateway provided to companies who wish to offer their own branded smart home bundle.
Wyconn 2000: M2M connectivity for OEMs for new equipment and equipment already in use.
Wyconn 3000: Router and switch companion for out-of-band management.
Wyconn 3000E: Connectivity for branch offices and retail.
Management Console: Manage all devices remotely, including deploying and managing applications.
Wyconn products are available globally directly and through partners.


These products will be demonstrated:
Wyconn 1000: IoT gateway.
Wyconn 2000: M2M connectivity for OEMs for new equipment and equipment already in use.
Wyconn 3000: Router and switch companion for out-of-band management.  (See below.)
Wyconn 3000E: Connectivity for branch offices and retail.  
Management Console: Manage all devices remotely, including deploying and managing applications.

Wyconn Router Companion: Connectivity and configuration even when your existing network device is offline.  (See diagram below.)
•    During installation, connect the Wyconn 2000 to the network device using the embedded RS232 console port.
•    During operation, access the Wyconn 2000 through the Wyconn Management Console using the embedded UMTS/3G modem or SIM card to restore or initialize the network device remotely. Provide a SIM card from a local operator for lower costs.
•    Make configuration changes in the Wyconn Management Console. Changes are pushed to the device as soon as it is online.
•    Optional battery backup provides power even when there is an outage locally.


For more information visit www.wyconn.com

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